The internet is now a part of our daily lives, and an important utility in homes and businesses. It’s function has gone beyond fostering social interactions and keeping people connected alone. It is a whole different reality in itself, powered by people spread across different parts of the world.

The internet is now the backbone of many great innovations. It has helped in building and scaling businesses, keeping families entertained, and fulfilling a basic human social need. Companies are being run successfully with co-founders on different points on the earth’s map; dad’s on business trips can still keep tabs on their kid’s assignment; and loved ones are never really far away.

The internet has the world closer than ever, bridging continents millions of kilometres apart into a global village. Fascinating, to say the least. Ever tried imagining life before the internet, or life without it? Well, I’ve tried, and I honestly wonder how our parents did it back then.

Reading this post means you’re exposed to the internet, so you’re quite familiar with these streets. Ever heard of ISPs? Sure, you have. You’re reading this via one right now.

Internet Service Providers are companies that provide internet connection to our devices, homes, and businesses. They are the reason why we can connect to the internet and log on to our Social Media, or reply our work messages on Slack. ISPs are our gateway to the digital world.

Choosing an ISP is as important as choosing a spouse (yes, I said it!). Your whole internet experience is shaped and defined by your internet network provider. Super fast internet is a myth to some people because of their providers. Some have had it frustrating trying to navigate the online space, struggling with kB/s download speeds.

Well, I honestly sympathise with them. I feel for those who have to sit hours through downloads, or play catch up while streaming live sport matches. And being the kind person I am (yes, thank you so much, I know, I know), I won’t leave them stranded. Enjoying fast and reliable internet is not a myth. It’s my everyday reality, and that of several other thousands of people. This is because we’re on the Wisper side- the speed side- of the internet.

Wisper is an ISP that offers fast and reliable internet to users. We redefine the internet experience for Nigerians, ushering them to a digital world with no speed bumps, no roadblocks or potholes. When we say fast, we mean fast. If you want to connect your homes or businesses to fast internet, Wisper has got you covered.

Welcome to the speed side of the internet. Welcome to Wisper, click here to take off with us to the moon🚀

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